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The 1980 Summer Olympics the U.S. Never Got to See

Being huge Olympic fans, we couldn’t pass up a chance to see the Olympic site in Moscow during our trip to Russia this last November. This site was of particular interest since the 1980 Summer Olympics was the one that the U.S. boycotted due to protesting the 1979 invasion of Afghanistan by Russia. Traveling to…
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Centennial Olympic Park is a Must See Attraction in Atlanta

We love to see Olympic Sites (especially one from the Summer Olympics) so I couldn’t pass up see the Atlanta Centennial Olympic Park with the torch (since I was there to see a swim meet, I was already able to see the Olympic pool at Georgia Tech University). I set off in the earlyish morning…
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Glance Back in the Past to the Rome Olympics

As a family, we aren’t just huge Olympic fans. We are Olympic obsessed. We, of course, watch it as it is going on, but another passion of our family is we LOVE to visit old Olympic sites. It is amazing to visit these sites and just imagine what the Olympics must have been like back…
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