When we took the metro to the VDNKh stop to visit to the Cosmonaut Museum (in the Ostankinsky District of Moscow) after we exited the museum we saw this amazing looking park so we decided to walk over there to see what it was. We found out it was the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy (also named VDNKh or All-Russia Exhibition Centre) which is a very long title for a fascinating park celebrating the Soviet era of glorification.

Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy

The park was created in the 1930s and designed as showcase to the Soviet Union socialist economy and lifestyle. It has two beautiful and ornate fountains, Friendship of Nations fountain and Stone Flower fountain) that were unfortunately not turned on (and were covered in scaffolding while they were putting up Christmas decorations and a skating rink) in December when we visited, but we have seen photos of them in the summer, and they look incredible.

Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy archway which the Central Pavilion can be seen
The park decorated for Christmas

Central Pavilion

The Central Pavilion at the end of the entrance way and sits as a impressive entranced to the rest of the pavilions. It is extremely tall 318 ft (including the spire) and has a lot of gold plating on sculptures adorning the exterior. We were unable to go inside due to some construction that was being done.

Central pavilion of the Exhibition of Achievements of National Ecomomy that looks liike a wedding cake with a larger bottom layer and small top layer.

Pavilion Kazakhstan

The rest of the park was filled with pavilion style museums representing regions of the former Soviet Union. One of of them that was beautiful was the Kazakhstan pavilion. We loved the mirrors and detail on the front doors and would have loved to go inside, but it was closed at the time we were there.

Pavilion Kazakhstan is a peach colored building with ornate mirrors with design etchings
Pavilion Kazakhstan

Pavilion of Ukraine

Our favorite (as you can tell by all of the photos we took) pavilion at the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy park was the Ukraine pavilion. It was breathtaking with wood sculptures and stained glass windows adorning the front door and a crown like piece on top. This was being refurbished (like most of the park pavilions), but if we go back in the summer sometime, we will make sure to see this.

Buran Launch Vehicle

The Buran was Russia’s version space shuttle. They have one that was built in 1983 and used for structural tests on display where you can walk right up to it and under it. It seems a lot smaller than the NASA Space Shuttle.