I went on a trip to Atlanta to see some really good college swimming so it was a pretty busy trip going back and forth between prelims and finals, but on the Saturday of the meet I had about four hours to myself to see Atlanta. I think I did a pretty good job of catching the some of the highlights and quirkiness of the city. Since I was staying in Midtown, a lot of what I decided to see focused on that area, but I was able to venture out a bit further. If you want to know what to do in Atlanta with some free time, these made my list.


Midtown Folk Part is on the list of what to do in Atlanta

The first part of my plan (leaving my residence at 8:00am) was to walk around Midtown  to see some of the things I saw while riding around. There was the Folk Art Park that looked really cute and colorful, and I wanted to know more about. I also stopped at Fox Theatre since I have always heard about the history of that theater. You can see more details in my post on The Quirky Side of Midtown Atlanta.

Centennial Olympic Park

Centennial Olympic Park is on the list of what to do in Atlanta

My next stop was to the Centennial Olympic Park. If you have read some of my other posts, you know that we are fascinated by former Olympic sites so this was a must see. I walked the 30 minute walk from Midtown to the park ,and since there is a lot of things to see in that area, I looked around it as well. It was a beautiful park and fun to see the statues and other parts. Read my post on Centennial Olympic Park for more details and photos.

Coca-Cola Museum

Coca-Cola Museum is on the list of what to do in Atlanta

At the Centennial Olympic Park area, there are several attractions that can be visited with a very short walk: College Football Hall of Fame, George Aquarium, Center for Civil and Human Rights, Children’s Museum of Atlanta, and Coca-Cola museum. I chose the Cola-Cola museum for this day, but would love to go back and visit the others. You can see my review and recommendations in my post The Wonderful World of Coca-Cola. The three sites (Midtown, Centennial Olympic Park and Coca-Cola museum) filled my morning from about 8-10am.

Tiny Doors

Tiny Door at Fox Theatre

After my busy morning and see the swimming prelims, I then had two free hours in the afternoon and this excursion was the highlight of my sightseeing. I found the tiny door outside the Fox Theatre and was hooked on finding more info and more of them. There is actually one at the Georgia Aquarium, but you need to buy a ticket to the aquarium to see that one so I skip that one since the Aquarium would have taken up most of the time I had. I looked at the map, and I set up off in an Uber to see four that were fairly close together. Details on my route and adventure are in the post Tiny Doors Leading into the Magic of Local Communities.

I had a very fun four hours in Atlanta and am excited to go back to see other attractions and to find more of the tiny doors. Overall, Midtown Atlanta was a great place to stay since it was within walking distances to so many attractions.