I had never heard of the Tiny Doors Atlanta project until I was in Atlanta walking around looking for the Fox Theatre in Midtown Atlanta and saw the tiny door on the box office. I thought it was so cute that I snapped a photo of it and then used the hashtag #tinydoorsatl listed on the scene to find out more information. I quickly found the website, #TinyDoorsAtl and learned that this is a project and mission by artist Karen Anderson to represent the culture and community of the area that each 7″ door is located through and art installation.

Once I found one, I really had to find more. Since I didn’t have a lot of time in the afternoon, I gave myself two hours to find as many as I could. Since they are spread out all over Atlanta, I was able to manage finding five of them (with a lot of walking and help of Uber).

Tiny Doors Atlanta at Fox Theatre

Tiny Door Atlanta located in Fox Theatre
Fox Theatre tiny door

This door was installed in November 2018 and is right in front of the famous Fox Theater in Midtown Atlanta. Since I was staying in Midtown, this was within a quick walking distance. This was the door that inspired me to go find others. I was very intrigued by the Tiny Doors Atlanta project.

Old Fourth Ward Skatepark

Tiny Doors Atlanta at the Old Fourth Ward Skatepark
Old Fourth Ward Skatepark tiny door

This door is located very close to the Old Fourth Ward Skatepark on the Beltline trail under the overpass and was installed in November 2014. The location was a bit out of the immediate downtown area so I Uber’d it to the skate park. When you walk by the skate park from the entrance, you will see the overpass and a lot of graffiti under it. On the column nearest to the skate park, you will see the tiny door. This one definitely reflects the graffiti  type art that surrounds it.

King of Pops

Tiny Doors Atlanta project at Inman Park
King of Pops tiny door

About a 4 minute walk from the skate park tiny door is the King of Pops. To find it, go back toward the skate park and turn left towards the shops on the street. On back facing the Beltline trail is the King of Pops walk-up window selling all sorts of cold pop treats.  If you look down before the window, you will see the tiny door that was installed in March 2016 and has a little sandwich board that the messages are changed for the time of year.

Inman Park Pet Works

Tiny Doors Atlanta with a dog going through a doggie door
Inman Park Pet Works tiny door

The Inman Park Pet Works tiny door is again a short walk from the other two. Just follow Elizabeth St. to Austin St. and turn left. It is in the retail building right on the corner facing Austin St. right outside the Inman Park Pet Works store. This one was installed in December 2014.

Charis Books & More

Tiny Doors at a local bookstore
Charis Books & More tiny door

The Charis Books & More tiny door that was installed May 2015 and is right outside the Charis Books & More store front door and was about a 15 minute walk from the Inman Park Pet Works tiny door. If you keep going down Austin St. and when it dead ends, turn left on Euclid Ave. It looks like the store is moving so it will be interesting to see what happens with this door.

It was a super cute way to spend an afternoon and would be a great activity to spend with kids as they are hunting for the doors. I highly recommend this activity if you have some free time in Atlanta.