I really can’t think of anything more beautiful the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum in Seattle, Washington. However I didn’t know much about it before my trip. I can honestly say that I went there just because I had a free ticket through the CityPass.

Swimming with the Fish in the Sealife Room

When I first saw the Sealife Tower by Chihuly, I was mesmerized by the enormous 15 ft tall glass sculpture in blues, whites, and yellows depicting fish and other sea creatures. The lighting and detail in the sculpture really make it seem like flowing water, but still very fragile. There is real movement in the piece. You can really tell this sculpture was inspired by the waters and living creatures of Puget Sound. Usually, his vertical sculptures are to be hung by the ceiling, but this one is different as it is mounted to the floor and extends upward.

Glass sculpture in the Chihuly Glass Museum in blue, white and yellows depicting water flowing up and fish and other sea creatures at the bottom
Sealife Tower

Upward Gazing at the Persian Ceiling

The ceiling is a flat panel of clear glass that has vibrant colors of glass shapes that at first just look like they are haphazardly stacked on top of each other, but as you spend time in the room, you see more. The light that shines above the glass pieces leave beautiful patterns on the walls and draw you through the room spellbound.

Persian Ceiling in the Chihuly Glass Museum with different colored and shaped glass sculpture pieces layers on top of each other
Persian Ceiling

Mille Fiori

The glass forest scene entitled Mille Fiori is Italian for a “thousand flowers” and was inspired by Chihuly’s mother’s garden. The glass installation fills up the entire room, and the vibrant colors of flowers and exotic plants make it mesmerizing to walk around and look at everything. Each section has its beauty and harmony. It truly looks like a garden that has been carefully planned out and nurtured.

Venetian Inspired Chandeliers

Chiluly created an amazing exhibit in the 1990s in Venice, Italy, where 14 sculptural glass chandeliers were placed in various locations in the city (most outdoor). The chandeliers at the museum were inspired from that project so I was really able to visualize how incredible that must have been to see these outdoors in the city lit by sunlight. They were in various sizes and colors and were beautiful lit and striking colors in this dark room.

Chandeliers in the Chihuly Glass Museum with a light blue and white colors

Bowls Right Out Of The Ocean

After the chandeliers, the next room I visited had numerous large bowls of glass. These bowls were fluted and the color variation and depth was incredible. They looked like they could be formed by the ocean as part of a exotic creature’s shell.

Bowls in the Chihuly Glass Museum with different colors of blue and yello

The Centerpiece: Glass House

The Glass House, one of the most famous exhibits of the museum, is definitely a place to sit for a few minutes and gaze at the huge sculpture in reds, oranges, and yellow glass suspended from the ceiling. The glass and steel of the Glass House is made to allow as much light in as possible (even in Seattle’s weather) so visitors can see the light reflect off of the artwork and how it can change the colors of the glass in subtle ways. The sculpture is about 100 ft long and looks like it could have been in the ocean at one time as a coral reef or other ocean plant with flowy beautiful leaves.

Glass House in the Chihuly Glass Museum with orange, red, and yellow flowers to arranged like a coral reef.
Glass House

Outdoor Beauty at the Glass Garden

The outdoor garden portion of the museum is just as impressive as the indoor exhibits. The Glass Garden features Chihuly’s glass sculptures in harmony with nature, and many of them look like they could be actual plants instead of glass.

The sizeable wild sculpture in front of the Glass House is the first exhibit I saw in the garden, and it was a great introduction to the rest of the garden.

Glass Garden in the Chihuly Glass Museum with large yellow and orange sculpture in front of the Glass House
Outside the Glass House in the Glass Garden

Blue icicle towers, curvy glass scuptures, and glass spheres among the daffodils, purple flowers, and greenery both contrasted and complemented the nature around them.

Glass Garden in the Chihuly Glass Museum blue towers and spheres among yellow daffodils and wild flowers.
Striking blue sculptures surrounds by flowers in the Glass Garden

Some of the areas of the garden almost looked vegetation from another world as they rose from from the ground. I almost expected them to move around and bite something.

Glass Garden in the Chihuly Glass Museum with orange, green and black glass plants looked like another world.
Outwordly glass plants in the Glass Garden


Another fascinating part of the museum was the live demos of glass blowing in a little Airstream trailer. They would talk through the process of making the glass artifacts, and it was a great demo.

Man demonstrates glass blowing at the Chihuly Glass Museum
Glassblowing demonstration

Space Needle Looms Above

The Space Needle is right next the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum, hovers over it majestically, and was the next item on my list to visit.

Space Needle right outside the Chihuly Garden and Glass Musem

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