We had been working on our cargo trailer conversion project we named Scout, but since both of our jobs changed to be bigger (and more time consuming) since COVID-19, we decided to stop the conversion project and look for a similar-sized trailer that was already completed. We had been a fan of the Rustic Trail Teardrop Camper for years (have been a part of their Facebook group since 2018 and were modeling our conversion project after their layout). Our favorite model was the Grizzly: big enough to have a small kitchen inside with a counter and cabinets, but super easy to tow using our crossover vehicle.

Finding our Camper

So we went on a mission to find one. We didn’t want to order one new for two reasons. We had a definite budget and the lead time is long on new builds since their popularity has grown tremendously. We joined a RTTC buy/sell group, and it didn’t take too long before we found one just two hours away: 2018 RTTC Grizzly. We named it Bongo since the previous owner had put a decal of a set of bongos on the side.

Small Teardrop camper from Rustic Trail Teardrop Camper that has a decal of a set of bongos on the side
Bongo – our Rustic Trail Teardrop Camper

It was perfect! It came with a lot of extras too like solar panels, a battery setup, a storage box in the front, and clip-on table. It was exactly what we wanted to do for the cargo trailer.

Interior of the Rustic Trail Teardrop Camper Grizzly

The interior is set up like a couch with small benches on each side. The table in the middle comes off to make the bed and the back couch cushion unfolds. We put in black-out curtains on the two windows to provide privacy at night. Inside one bench is the battery set up and the other is storage.

U shaped bench around a small table
Interior of Bongo with couch and benches

We are still configuring the kitchen area a bit. We do have a small microwave and pressure cooker on the counter (with our camping dishes). We brought a small minifridge that is on the floor next to the side bench. Our plan is to use the pressure cooker on the outside and put a small ice maker on the counter. We also have a propane burner with grill top to use outside as well.

For our clothes and personal items, we each get an upper cabinet to pack what we need. It helps us be thoughtful about what we take and gives us parameters about the amount.

Inside counter of Bongo with microwave, pressure cooker, fan, and dishes
Counter and cabinets of Bongo

Storage Compartment

We have a large storage compartment (with a door on the outside under the back couch bench. We bought two under-bed storage bins on wheels to make getting items easy and keep them organized.

Outfitting Bongo

To make sure we had enough accessories to go on our first trip. We scoured photos of other setups with a Rustic Trail Teardrop Camper from the Facebook groups to see what other people found useful to take. We have detailed the items we purchased in another post and then took out Bongo for our first adventure.