When we bought our little teardrop trailer, Bongo, we were ready to take it out camping right away. Bongo came with a lot of extras, but we still need to purchase some teardrop camper accessories to have everything we need. Here is a complete list of items that we use when we take it camping.

Kitchen area with a pressure cooker, locker mirror, and microwave on the counter as part of our teardrop camper accessories

Teardrop Camper Accessories Overview

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Most of the items are to make camping easier and to keep us from getting take-out food too often. We don’t like all of the garbage that eating out generates (plastic/styrofoam containers, plastic utensils, etc), and it allows us to control what is in our food more by cooking at the campsite. We have broken down our teardrop camper accessories into four categories: Safety Tools/Operations, Kitchen, Personal, and Electrical/Water.

We have purchased all of these items at normal prices and use all of what we are recommending when we camp.

Safety Tools / Operations

We wanted to make sure to add some safety items to the camper to both take care of issues such as fire and deter theft of the trailer.

Fire Extinguisher

An important item that should be part of all teardrop camper accessories (and really all RVs) is a fire extinguisher – even if you are not actually cooking inside. The electrical components or battery in the camper should be a source of a fire and having a fire extinguisher could be a life saver.

Wheel Chock Lock

We wanted to deter any theft of our little camper by putting a lock on one of the wheels. This one is super easy to put on and take off. We have a checklist that we use to make sure we remove everything for travel (such as the wheel lock, jacks in the back, etc).

Hitch Ball Lubricant

The lubricant not only protects the ball from getting rust but also makes getting the trailer on and off the hitch ball easier. We usually put this one before we leave for a trip and then after.

Hitch Ball Lock

This is the best ball lock to put on your trailer. It is extremely hard to cut off and it is recommended for all trailers (RVs, cargo, etc). This lock is a great deterrence for theft and gives us peace of mind when we leave the campsite to go site seeing.


Garbage Holder

A perfect addition to our list of teardrop camper accessories is this little plastic shopping bag holder that fits on the cabinet door and is perfect to have a little garbage bag inside the trailer. We use reusable shopping bags to hang on this and since our reusable bags are washable, you could put any type of trash in here. Keeps us from adding more plastic to the campsite garbage cans.

Reusable Bags

We really love this set of reusable bags. They are the size of a normal plastic grocery bag, but are much stronger and as their title says be reused. They work well with our cabinet trash holder, we can use them to buy groceries when we are out, use them just to carry extra supplies in the car, and a lot more. They are washable so we usually just throw them in the washing machine when we get back with the rest of our camping stuff.

Pressure/Slow Cooker

To add to our teardrop camper accessories list and specifically to our kitchen is a pressure/slow cooker has been a wonderful addition to our camping kitchen. We make breakfast (egg bites), pulled buffalo chicken with low-carb tortillas for lunch, and chili or stew for dinner. We usually cook on our little table outside and can just sit our and enjoy the outdoors while it cooks. Also since we eat a lot outside, it has a keep warm setting to keep the meat warm on the table while we are eating.

Pressure Cooker Accessories

The pressure/slow cooker is made much more usable with these accessories for things like egg bites and steamed vegetables. The silicone trivet, hot pad, and slow cooker lid are very useful as well

Ice Maker

We didn’t start out with an ice maker, but after a couple of trips, we bought one. This fits very nicely on our counter, and we just fill it with water and it makes ice all day. We use it with our drinks and to fill our water cooler so the water stays cold. It is self-cleaning and has made camping life so much better.

Plate Holders

I wanted something to organize my camping plates while we are at the campsite and these holders work really well. I use one for the two sizes of plates and one for the bowls. They keep them out of the way on the counter (our cabinet space is used for our clothes) and are easy to reach.

Collapsible Cutting Board/Camping Dish Sink

This collapsible camp dish sink has been so useful which made it an easy addition to the teardrop camper accessories list. I have 2 of them. I use the cutting board while I am cooking and then I push the sides to make the sink. We collect all of the dirty dishes in one of the sinks while I am cooking and after we are done eating. If the campground has a dishwashing station, we can carry the sink over and wash them there. If not, we fill one with water and soap and wash the dishes there, one with rinse water, and then hand them off to someone with a towel to dry. There are collapsible dish drying racks that are good for this too.


Locker Mirror

We wanted a lightweight mirror that we could use to get ready and a locker mirror was perfect to adhere to the upper cabinets with removable strips. This one was 5″x7″ so it was a good size for the small cabinet doors.

Toilet Paper Holder

You never know when a campground’s bathroom will be out of toilet paper so we always carry an extra roll. This one is nice since the toilet paper end can be pushed through the side and it can be hung up somewhere. When we use our toilet tent and portable toilet, it is useful in that as well


We use these hooks all over the place. They have adhesive backings and can be removed with the heat of a hairdryer. They have been great to hang up our wall organizers, curtains, and other items on the wall.

Wall Organizer

Since our bed takes up the width of the camper, I wanted some fabric lightweight organizers to put on the wall in the back by our heads. These are used to hold glasses, cell phones, headphones, and other things while we sleep.


Drinking-Water Hose

Since some of the campgrounds have water connections for us, we got a small hose that we can use to fill our dishwashing sink and other things we want to wash. We got this one since it was drinking water safe in case we wanted to fill our coolers as well.

50 ft Outdoor Extension Cord

We have two of these: one to go to the camper and one for our outdoor accessories. We can run a fan in our screen room or the pressure cooker outside with the additional plug. It is outdoor rated and long so it can accommodate most campsite layouts.

30 Amp to 15 Amp RV Electrical Split Adapter

This was a huge addition as well. You will need this if you have a teardrop camper with a regular plug or 15 Amp connection. You can buy the one adapter or the splitter which is so much more useful since you can power your outdoor accessories as well.

Outdoor Power Strip

If you have an outside extension cord, then a power strip is needed to give you more than one plug to use.