I discovered a whole new side of Atlanta while just walking around Midtown. The colorful art and quirky statues were found on random corners in the Midtown Atlanta, which made the morning an interesting morning walk.

Folk Art Park in Midtown Atlanta

Folk Art Park is actually the three corners of an intersection and was built during the 1996 Olympic year to beautify concrete spaces in the city. The sculptures and artwork are from local folk artists and interesting to walk around and see the beautiful artwork.

Concrete sculptures at Folk Art Park
Metal sculptures at Folk Art Park
Two Metal Windmills at Folk Art Park in Midtown Atlanta
Metal windmills at Folk Art Park

Fox Theatre

The Fox Theatre is a landmark in Atlanta. It was built in the 1920s by the Shriners to be their headquarters, but due to the expenses, it was and taken over by William Fox who did an extensive renovation including stained glass windows and turreted ceilings. It was definitely a showpiece of the time period.

During the Great Depression, it was sold to pay off bankruptcy debts but was kept in the original style all of these years. It was closed in 1974 and that started a movement in the community to save this theatre. They raised a considerable about of money was able to preserve it. It is now run as one of a few non-for-profit theatres. They do offer tours which you can see the availability.

Colorfully painted car in the lobby of the Fox Theatre n Midtown Atlanta

Atlas Statue in Midtown Atlanta

This statue stands at the corner of Spring St and Linden Ave and is an interesting site to see. I saw it just walking around that morning and knew I had to find out the history of it. Unfortunately there is not a lot of information about it that could be found. I am still looking into this since it seems like it would have a story attached to it.

You can find it in a large list (over a 100) of other Atlas Statues at waymarking.com.

Atlas Statue at the corner of Spring St. and Linden Ave.

Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse

The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse is a fun attraction of Midtown Atlanta. It has shows of the different plays of Shakespeare and their approach to the performances is called “original practice.” It attempts to recreate the play’s as they were shown in the Elizabethan era. Their list of showtimes and information about buying tickets can be found on its website.

Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse in Midtown Atlanta