One of my favorite neighborhoods in Washington, DC is Georgetown. There is so much to see and do, and we always have fun afternoon when we go there. There is good food, spooky things, great shopping and more

I have listed my favorite seven things to do during an afternoon visit (in both warm and cold weather) in Georgetown.

1. Eat Lunch at Good Stuff Eatery

3291 M St NW, Washington, DC 20007

The Good Stuff Eatery restaurant serves amazing burgers, shakes, salads, and fries (the fries are so so good) and is always on our Georgetown itinerary. There are burgers named after President and Michelle Obama and other selections. My favorite is the Spike’s Sunnyside and a snack size Sunny’s Handcut Fries (just the right amount of sea salt) or Spikes’ Village Fries (with thyme, rosemary and sea salt). Highly recommend this spot for a good lunch spot.

Good Stuff Eatery

2. After Lunch Desert at Georgetown Cupcakes

3301 M Street NW (corner of 33rd & M) Washington, DC 20007

Georgetown Cupcakes is definitely a popular destination in the area. The TLC network show put the bakery on the tourist map, and there is almost always a line outside the little shop. The cupcake are amazing and the flavor selections are plenty. It is easy to find something you like.

Line outside of Georgetown Cupcakes
Georgetown Cupcakes

3. Go up (or down) the Exorcist Stairs

Next to the ExxonMobil gas station in Georgetown

The famous stairs in Georgetown are definitely a popular landmark. These stairs were featured in the 1973 horror movie Exorcist and shown during the final scenes of the movie. When we were on the stairs, a couple walked by and were talking about the stairs saying that going up the stairs was a requirement while visiting Georgetown. That made us chuckle. These stairs are steep and long, but look normal during the day. I would guess they are pretty creepy at night.

Exorcist Stairs

4. Shopping on M Street

Shopping on M Street is an experience. Lots of retailers are there: Lululemon, Nike, TJ Maxx, Coach, and more. The streets get crowded on the weekend so people watching is fun too. There is even a Amazon Book store that you can go inside browse and try out their new ebook readers, tablets or home devices.

M Street Shopping

5. Visit the Old Stone House

3051 M St NW, Washington, DC 20007

The Old Stone House is the oldest house in Washington, DC. It predates the Revolutionary War. It was built in 1766 and resides on its original foundation. It is a sharp contrast to the more modern buildings of the shops around it and it is an interesting stop during a Georgetown visit.

Old Stone House

6. Walk over the C & O Canal

The C&O Canal Park and Mall are a pretty addition to your Georgetown itinerary. Unfortunately, the canal is mostly drained right now since they are fixing part of the canal as part of a large restoration project, but there are still some part that are pretty especially in the summer months.

Bridge over the C&O Canal

7. Relax at Georgetown Waterfront Park

Once you walk over the canal and down the stairs, head a cross the little street over to the park where you can see the Potomac River and across to other parts of DC. It has recently finished an large refurbishing project so it is really nice to walk around and sit down with your cupcake from Georgetown Cupcakes and take in the view.

Walkway at Georgetown Waterfront Park
View of the Kennedy Center complete with Black Hawk helicopters from Georgetown Waterfront Park