The one drawback to using a camper van vs an RV trailer is the bathroom. While we are not planning on camping off the grid and mostly using campgrounds (that will have showers and toilets to use), there may be times you need a solution. It could be the middle of the night, and you don’t want to go traipsing through the campground, or you could be in a temporary off grid solution while traveling.

We looked into the most popular choices of toilets that don’t need a black tank (since that is one of the reasons we chose the camper van over a more traditional RV). These videos were quite helpful on researching our solution.

Composting Toilet in a Camper Van

The video goes through the pros and cons of composting toilets in camper vans. Composting toilets use a compostable material such as coconut husks or peat moss to deal with the solid waste. The liquid waste goes into a small tank in the toilet that needs to be frequently emptied. This video includes popular questions and their answers about the smell, male and female use, dumping of tanks, type of compost toilet, bugs, cleaning, separating solids and liquids, capacity, using a wet bath style shower, and more about maintaining a composting toilet. It is a realistic view of owning and using a composting toilet.

25:11 min of Composting Toilet Information and Answers to Questions

Cassette Toilet in a Camper Van

This video is a review of using a cassette toilet vs. a composting toilet in a camper van. Cassette toilets have a freshwater tank to flush and a waste tank, so it uses water in the bowl like a regular toilet. This video goes in-depth into the pros and cons and popular questions and answers such as use (male and female), cleaning, bugs, capacity, and more. It looked like the cassette toilet was winning over the composting toilet until they came to dumping it. Apparently, that alone made their decision to stay with the composting toilet. This video is a great review and fun to watch.

11:06 min video about issues with Cassette Toilet

Portable Toilet Options

If your camper van doesn’t have a bathroom and you are looking for a temporary solution or off grid solution when you don’t have bathroom facilities, this video goes through 10 different solutions and pros and cons.

4:56 min video that goes through the top 10 portable toilet solutions.

Custom Solution in a Camper Van

We liked this video since it came up with a custom solution to the issues of camper van toilets. While we don’t think we will do this same exact method, it did start some ideas of what we could do for those emergency situations where a public toilet isn’t available or very inconvenient.

5:41 min video going through an inexpensive solution for a camper van toilet

Kitty Litter Solution

This is a solution that is closer to what we might be using. We might be using a different bigger style toilet (like the portable bucket one), but this idea of using kitty litter to keep the liquid and solid waste and smells under control. You can use compostable bags instead of plastic to be a little more eco-friendly, and it stays really clean so that isn’t an issue. In addition, there are no awkward social issues of dumping it in a campground or public facility since it looks just like trash.

7:59 min video using a portable toilet and kitty litter solution

Stay Tuned for our Solution

We have some ideas, but want to try them out so we can really give a review on how this worked. When we have our finally solution and detailed information, we will link it back to this post. Until then, happy camping!