To me, one of the entire points of the van camper instead of tent camping is not sleeping on the ground. Van campers can have a comfortable bed which makes the experience so much better. In designing our camper, we did some research on different types of beds: fixed or converted. These videos were really helpful in our design of different types of camper van bed.

Lots of Camper Van Bed Designs

This 15 minute video combined many different bed designs all in one video. It was very brief, but gave a great overview on different ideas.

  • Fixed Bed – On those days that you are tired, having a fixed bed is appealing. A fixed bed is always a bed so no time is wasted trying to put your bed together every night and take it apart every morning. The first part of the video is about a fixed bed.
  • Bench Turns into Bed – The next part of the video had an L-shaped bench/couch which converted to a double bed.
  • Bed Converts to Storage – If you still need to transport large items to your camping destination, this bed design allowed the middle to come out to allow for temporary transporting.
  • Table Drops to form a Bed – A very common and functional design is the have a dinette table drop down to form a bed.
  • Kingsize sofa bed – This bed is more of a futon idea that is a couch that slides into a bed. The bed is quite large using this design.

Dinette that Turns into a Bed

One of my favorite ideas is the dinette that the table drops down to make the base of the bed and the dinette bench cushions form the mattress. This gives you a bed, desk, and dinner table on in one space and great storage under the benches.

Wall Mounted Bed in a Camper Van

If you need to add another bed to your space, a great idea is a wall mounted cot type bed. This videos creates a space saving design that can quickly be put up or down.

Slideout Bed in a Camper Van

Slideout beds are very popular designs in camper vans since they are space efficient and weight and very easy to convert back and forth.

Bed Converts to a Couch

I may not do something exactly like this, but it is interesting to think about more of a futon design instead of just a bed in a camper van. The video has some innovative ideas about accomplishing this.