For those of you that have been reading our blog, you have probably seen our quest to build our own RV camper. We have been pursuing this for months in various ways. We have now settled on a cargo utility trailer to convert into a camper.

Van Camper

At the start, we were looking at different large utility vans: Ram Promaster and Ford Transit. We were about to purchase one these vans and had negotiated a deal, but something didn’t feel right about it and we backed out of the purchase.

We started looking at the idea of microvan campers (such as the Ford Transit Connect and the Ram Promaster City). These vans are much smaller and maneuverable but don’t have a lot of room to do what we wanted. While this idea was intriguing, we just never developed the enthusiasm for it that we wanted.

RV Teardrop and Trailers

So after all of the van failures, we turned out attention to Teardrop Campers and Cargo Trailers. The price was a lot less, and we could leverage the crossover vehicle that we already had to tow. We started scouring Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and RV Trader to find something (in our set $3k budget). Our desire was to find something that we could really put our mark on and turn into something beautiful. We took months attempting to find the right project. Every time we would find a teardrop trailer that needed some work, it would be six hours way or would need too much work. So we expanded past just existing teardrop trailers and started looking into cargo trailers.

Cargo Utility Trailer

Our luck would shine on a Sunday morning when we found a 5×8 enclosed utility trailer on Facebook Marketplace that already had a side door and barn doors in the back. We thought we could do a lot with this.

The trailer had been used by a church scouting program and was only $1300. It needed some work – taillight was out and needed painting, but it was perfect for what we wanted.

We will be documenting every step we take on the conversion (successes and failures) and hope this helps inspire others to take on a project like this. Happy camping everyone!